Prehistoric orign

All businesses are born from an original idea.

Mine is inspired by a period of memories, which took place in a plant shop owned by a friend in China. The reason why this memory is so important to me is because, beyond the purely commercial aspect, there is a touching, kind and warm side: friendship and hospitality. The positive relationship is not limited to the actors of the company but extends, in a more general concept, to the customers.

Dans son magasin, elle organisait régulièrement des après-midis avec des clients ou des commerçants voisins en offrant le thé. Grâce à ce geste convivial, les clients devinrent des amis qui invitaient leurs proches à se joindre au groupe. Si l’on imagine cet endroit comme une maison à moitié construite, l’autre partie serait ouverte à tout le monde. 

La Vie est Belle

So, allow me to introduce you to the start-up of my idea: “Life is Beautiful”, in which we discover a new way of working by accompanying a colorful, balanced and artisanal daily life.

Who can say what kind of flower or fruit this young shoot will give birth to? But don’t forget to water it from time to time, maybe one day it will surprise you, won’t it?

The team



Young Chinese living in Belgium since 2018, I grew up in a family of artists. Creation became my main motivation. I see myself more as an artist than a florist, distilling my oriental and zen touch in my creations.


Omnipresent invisible man


Mascot and chief seductress

No one can escape my charm and my seductive look. If you ever run into me during my working hours, please remember that I love hugs.


Custom creation

All my works are unique and personalized, mainly in dried, pressed and durable flowers requiring neither maintenance nor water for a very long lasting pleasure.

Everything is possible: a floral or vegetable arrangement, a terrarium, a painting of pressed flower, dried or stabilized moss, a crown etc.


Decoration services of various places.

I offer you the services of decoration of a place: wedding, birthday, inauguration, vernissage, conference, evening, shop window etc.

Creative workshops

Do you love making beautiful things with your hands for the simple pleasure of it, or as a meaningful gift for your loved ones? You’ve come to the right place!

Possible tailor-made sessions for companies or private groups from 4 people.



Free express delivery on all purchases over €75

  • Delivery for the whole of Belgium by express courier (bpost, etc.).
  • Express delivery by taxi in Brussels (or to other cities).
  • Pick-up by the customer in our workshop.