Giant flowers

Are you looking for an innovative, unique, different and dedicated floral decoration?

For the important moments
in your life

  • Birth
  • Wedding
  • Birthdays

For your professional

  • Exhibition / Opening
  • Interior decoration
  • Shop window, display
  • Theater

Beauty in an xxl version

Let me introduce you to our speciality: exceptional giant flowers; handcrafted creations that are created with care and delicacy in our workshop. We mainly use paper, but also fabric and wood, for customised applications according to our customers’ wishes.

The aim is to be able to show and share our essential idea “Life is Beautiful” by staging a vast, enchanting floral dream.

Before I can launch into the creation of your “Alice in Wonderland”, I need to get you started by asking you to consider the following points:

  • Hire / Buy?
  • Type of flower?
  • Colour of the flower?
  • Height of the flower?
  • With stem & foliage?
  • On a stand?

Do you need some advice? Don’t hesitate to call me, we’ll find a solution together.